• Product:


  • Cable Size: 1/16" - 3/32" / 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm
  • Maximum Weight: 1/16": 65lbs / 30kg
    3/32": 155lbs / 70kg
  • Function: Floor, Tensioner, Rail Clip
  • Used For: Art, Clothing Rods, Panels/Signs/Banners, Shelving

The TF-Type Gripper is a versatile tensioner. Simply twist the body of the TF series, and it draws in the cable. These TF-Type Grippers are designed with a teflon washer to prevent cable twisting and a side exit for excess cable. The base of the TF32+T swivels 360 degrees and pivots 90 degrees to permit angled installations or to CRC rail mounted to the wall. The mounting base has a foot to fit Arakawa CRB, CRC & MH rails. The rail clip can be inserted and removed at any point along the track making it easy to add or remove individual pieces without disturbing adjacent artwork.

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