The Arakawa system allows for creativity and flexibility in creating your store and window displays.  Options include hardware for hanging shelving, signs and graphics, hang rods, display boxes and whatever else you may need to hang to best showcase your products.  In the retail industry seasons and styles change, sales happen, and new product arrives on a regular basis. Our parts meet the demand of a continually changing environment and allow for quick, easy installations. Now you can spend more time with your customers and less time on your fixtures.

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This retailer used the FSG1 midway grippers to hang their glass display shelving installation and the SF23BSET tensioner to connect to the floor.  As the store's inventory changes, their displays can change also to accommodate new items.

In this retail installation, boutique owners used their own acrylic hang rods with our SF35BO midway gripper and SF23BSET floor tensioner to display their chic apparel and create a look all their own. 

Hang Rods

Arakawa provides 1" diameter stainless steel hang rods, the HR1, that are hung with the help of the SF35BO, allowing for vertical adjustment. Attached to the ceiling by such parts as the SF35SET, and tensioned to the floor with the SF23BSET, these hang rods integrate beautifully with any fixture style and come in both standard and custom lengths. 

Storefront Window Display

CRB1800-a on the floor and ceiling is perfect for creating interchangeable window displays.  Mannequins can be hung with such parts as the BS30 or the AD1 and tensioned to the rail with the BS23BRSET rail tensioner. The FRG1S, shown here hanging signage, can also rotate to hang shelving, allowing product and graphics to be easily displayed and changed.

Multi-Rail Installations

Using multiple rows of ceiling and floor rail, such as the CRB1800-a, is the best way to give your display applications the widest range of potential layout options.  Create depth and interest by layering shelving and signage using the FRG1, which rotates to accommodate both horizontal and vertical applications. Stagger the heights of your hang rods using the HR1 and the SF35BO to create visual interest in your display. 

Thought starters for your retail hanging project

Here are a few questions to consider when using Arakawa products for retail installations:

  1. Is your display static or will you need to frequently rearrange fixtures?
  2. What types of fixtures will the display include? Signage? Shelving? Hang rods? Mannequins?
  3. Would you like to use railing or stationary attachment hardware?
  4. What materials are your floor and ceiling?
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