Arakawa's parts can hang shelves of many different materials and sizes (up to 1" thick).  There are parts to grip shelves from the edges and parts that pass through the shelves providing support from underneath.  Using quick-release cable grippers means that adjusting your shelf display no longer involves removing brackets and grid systems from the wall.  Now it's as easy as sliding the shelf up and down the cables.  

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The FRG1 is a rotating gripper that can hang horizontal shelving materials or vertical (non-glass) panels up to 3/8" thick.  It is an extremely versatile part for environments in which displays change regularly.

Creating a sleek, contemporary shelving installation is easy with Arakawa's hardware. The FSG1, shown here hanging glass shelving, allows for adjustability anwhere along the vertical lines of cable, while being small and simple enough to easily fade away into the background.

The SF35SET was used in this storefront window display to hang custom acrylic shelves to display product and artwork.  Arakawa's parts can accommodate all types of installations, from the simple and straightforward to those that are more unique and complex.

This retailer used the FSG1 midway gripper to hang their glass display shelving installatin and the SF23BSET tensioner to connect to the floor. As the store's inventory changes, their displays can change also to accommodate new items.

Wood Shelving

The FRB1SS and FRB2SS are rotating grippers that attach to the edges of wood shelving. the rotation allows for the shelving panels to be hung vertically, horizontally or angled at a diagonal to suit your display needs and showcase your product in the best possible manner.

Ceiling & Floor Railing

CRB1800-a and CRC1800-a ceiling and floor rail allow for endless possibilities for your shelving configurations. Midway grippers such as the FSG1, shown here, are a simple and economical way to hang shelving with a thickness of 3/8" or less. 

Shelving With Floor Weights

If you prefer to protect your flooring from hardware, consider using our EW weights to provide stability to your display.  They come in three finishes options to help blend with the environment: raw mild steel, chrome and light gray powder-coat. Also shown here are the C2RP and C2RPTH, which are puck pieces for horizontal panels and shelving that provide a clean, brushed stainless steel finish for the underside of your installation.

Cabinetry & Countertop Railing

CRC1800-a is shown here countersunk into the ceiling and the top of a cabinet in this shelving display along with the BS1R rail clip and the BS23BRSET tensioner to add stability.  Arakawa hardware is an ideal solution for creating elegant displays that blend into the surrounding fixtures and environments with ease.

Thought starters for your shelving hanging project

Here are a few questions to consider when using Arakawa products for shelving installations:

  1. Will your display require flexibility or is it relatively permanent?
  2. What is the ceiling material?
  3. What is the shelving material and size, including thickness?
  4. What is the maximum amount of weight that the shelving will support, including the weigh of the shelves?
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