Sign and Banner

Since every situation is different, there are numerous options for hanging signs, banners and graphics with Arakawa's hardware. From ceiling and floor railings to stationary mounting pieces, Arakawa has the parts that will work with the conditions of your installation.  Sign clevises offer a clean, simple look, while midway grippers come in rotating and double-sided options, allowing for versatile applications.

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Railings such as CRB1800-a and CRC1800-a are ideal solutions for signage displays that require frequent changeability. This display utilizes CRC rail countersunk into the cabinetry to blend even more into the surrounding environment.

Large scale signs and banners can be hung to serve multiple purposes: promoting your brand and defining public spaces as room dividers. Here, the SF31SSET attaches to the banner through grommetss in each corner of the banner and pulls it taut with the SF23BSET tensioner at the floor.

There are several options for grippers for hanging your signs and graphics, depending on the material you wish to use. The FRP1S and the BRT1, both shown here, are sleek hardware solutions to hang your signage with style.

Wayfinding Signage

Arakawa creates minimal hardware that is very easy to install, such at the AT5SET and the A016 combination, or the SF35SET and SF31SSET combination, both shown here.


The HR1 hang rod and the SF35BO work together to hang banners.  The HR1 is available in standard and custom lengths and is shown here hung from the ceiling with the SF35SET and tensioned to the floor with the SF23BSET.

Ceiling & Floor Rail

The CRB1800-a railing for flooring and ceilings is shown here suspending signage with the BRG1 and BRG2 rotating midway grippers.  The BS1R rail clip and BS23BR rail tensioner allow your signage to move anywhere along the path of the rail to hang multiple sizes of signs in multiple configurations. 

Wall-Mounted Signage

For signage that does not change frequently, the SF32 and TF32_T create a sleek, industrial installation.  Midway grippers such as FRG1SS, shown here, can grip non-glass materials up to 3/8" thick, allowing numerous options for your signage display. 

Angled Cables

The SF32 and TF32_T combine to allow cables to angle from floor to ceiling, or wall to wall.  These parts are a common solution to installations that are a bit more atypical and require hardware that allows for a more specialized installation.  In this installation, fabric scrims with grommets in each corner are stretched with SF20RPS hooks for applications such as room dividers or creative wall hangings. 

Thought starters for your sign hanging project

Here are a few questions to consider when using Arakawa products for signage installations:

  1. What is the thickness of the sign?
  2. Do you want to grip to the edges of the sign or use through holes at the top and bottom edges?
  3. What is the ceiling material?
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