• Arakawa - Art hanging systems
    Art Hanging
    Arakawa rails make hanging art a snap. Most artists, museums or galleries chose our MH3 and CRJ wall rails—all you need is the rail clip, cable and hook (or other midway gripper) and you are ready to hang your art. Our products are designed to be minimal and unobtrusive, so that unlike most picture hanging systems, you can show off your artwork, not the hardware that hangs it.
  • Arakawa - Suspended Shelving Solutions
    If you’re hoping to hang shelves from the ceiling to highlight your retail or commercial products or gallery artwork, Arakawa’s suspended hanging display systems can hang shelves made of many different materials and sizes (up to 1” thick). You have many choices - our systems are designed to grip shelves from the edges or pass through the shelves to provide support from underneath. Our cable hangers and quick-release grippers make adjusting your shelf display simple—no more removing brackets and grid systems from the wall. Now it’s as easy as sliding the shelf up and down the cables.
  • Arakawa - Retail Display Systems
    The Arakawa hanging system allows for creativity and flexibility in creating your store and window displays. Options include hardware for hanging floating shelves, signs and graphics, hang rods, display boxes and whatever else you may need to best showcase your products. In the retail industry, seasons and styles change, sales happen and new product arrives on a regular basis. Our suspension hanging shelf systems allow for easy changes when needed, and highlight your products beautifully.
  • Arakawa - Sign, Banner & Graphic Hanging Systems
    Sign and Banner
    Since every situation is different, our hanging systems offer numerous options for hanging signs, banners and graphics with Arakawa’s hardware. Whether you’re interested in hanging signs from the ceiling, wall railings or stationary mounting pieces, Arakawa has the hardware to create the perfect hanging display, regardless of your installation needs. Sign clevices offer a clean, simple look, while midway grippers come in rotating and double-sided options, allowing for versatile applications.
  • Arakawa - Residential Art Hanging Systems
    Do you have art in your home that you’d like to display in a more subtle way than a frame allows? Our cable hanging systems provide the ultimate flexibility in terms of arrangement and adjustability making redecorating easy.

Innovative hanging systems that let your work shine.

Over 30 years ago, Arakawa pioneered the technology of sleek, stealthy and powerful hanging systems utilizing cable grippers to highlight your art or product in the most unobtrusive way possible. Trust the original. Hang with Arakawa.