Art Hanging

When deciding which Arakawa products will work best for your art hanging project.  Consider these questions before settling on a part or calling to collaborate with one of our project specialist.
What is the weight of the heaviest piece of artwork you want to hang?

This will determine what size of cable and appropriate hardware that you need to use.

Will any of your pieces of art be sharing cables or configured to be stacked on top of each other vertically?

When stacking artwork, be sure to determine total weight to ensure you are within the maximum weight capacity for the cable you are using. Please see Weight Capacity Examples

Do you want to use railing? If so, do you want to attached to the wall or the ceiling?

Fixed wall and ceiling attachment parts are available, but railing is the most popular choice because it allows for the most flexibility.

Is the artwork you want to hang framed or unframed?

If hanging unframed non-glass artwork, you may need to use a gripper to grip to the edge of the piece.

If hanging framed artwork, chances are you will use a hook to connect to the d-rings or picture framing wire on the back of the frame.

Do you want to connect to the floor or use floor weights?

In some cases, tensioners and floor attachments may help provide better stability.


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