When deciding which Arakawa products will work best for your shelving project, consider these questions before settling on parts or calling to collaborate with one of our knowledgeable project specialist.
What is the maximum amount of weight that the shelving will support?

Remember to include the weight of the shelf materials themselves in your total. We do not sell any type of shelving.

How many cables do you want to use to hang your shelves?

Determining the number of cables you need for your project depends on the shelving type and length and type of gripper used. For example, if your configuration will include shelves that are joined together in which case a double-sided gripper will be required to share a single cable between them.

Keep in mind the formula for calculating the amount of weight your cable will support: single cable weight capacity x the number of cables x 60%= maximum weight capacity.

How much flexibility does your shelving installation require?

Railing – If you want ultimate flexibility for your installation, ceiling and floor rails are the best option.

Fixed Attachment – If adjustment of your shelves along the vertical lines of cable is enough flexibility, consider using fixed attachment hardware to the ceiling and floor.

What material and dimension are your shelves?

Keep in mind that the choices for midway grippers to connect to your shelves will depend greatly on the shelving material and its thickness. This is also important for determining the number of cables you need to support your display



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