Sign & Panel

When deciding which Arakawa products will work best for hanging your signs and/or banners, consider these questions before settling on parts or calling to collaborate with one of our knowledgeable project specialists.
What is the ceiling material you are hanging from? Would you rather use fixed attachment points or railing?

The ceiling material will determine which ceiling attachment parts are suitable for the job. Consider how much changeability your sign/banner display will require. This will help determine whether railing is a good option, or if fixed attachment points for the cables are sufficient.

What material and dimensions are your signs?

Keep in mind that there are dozens of choices for midway grippers to connect to your signs, but the options will depend greatly on their materials and thickness.

Do you want to attach to through-holes in the signs or grip to the edges of the signs? 

Edge grippers are pieces that grip to the edge of materials with fixing screws.

Clevises are pieces that connect to your signs through predrilled holes in the material.

For hanging banners, how do you want to attach to the banner?

The most common option for hanging banners is with rods or dowels (we do not sell dowels) that slide though pole pockets at the top and bottom edges of the banner. Arakawa sells hang rods (all hang rod orders are special ordered  to your custom lengths and have variable lead times) or hardware you can use to attach to your own rods/dowels.


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